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The big shift

Conflict? No… Yes.


Sometimes a contrarian voice is exactly what your brand needs.


Your Big Day

What we did:

  • Naming + tagline

  • Brand strategy + positioning

  • Developed productized services with a lead product and pricing

  • Codified methodology + created repeatable processes

  • Brand identity design: logo, fonts, colors, graphic style

  • Portrait + headshot photography

  • Custom illustration

  • Copywriting

  • Squarespace website


World-changing idea

Conflict competence is good business.

Alex needed an ownable brand platform to differentiate and expand his consulting business. We coined a strategic space around Alex’s unique approach: Conflict Yes. Now Alex he has a platform on which to build thought leadership, and a brand foundation to house his consulting services and scale in any way he chooses.

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What’s your big idea?

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