FixUp Repair


Your Big Day

World-changing idea:

Sh*t is broken—the circular economy is the answer.

WORLD-CHANGING IDEA:    Every country, region, and city has the right to invest directly in their own economic growth.    CREATED IN 1 WEEK:

Sandra Goldmark, founder of FixUp Repair, wanted a repair shop in every Walmart, so she built a pop-up repair company and proved the concept. When she came to us, she was in the weeds of managing her small business. We advised Sandra to focus on her big vision–to bring the FixUp repair model into the core business of a large US retailer. FixUp’s “Big Day” was focused on repositioning the business to reach this goal in preparation for the Sustainable Brands conference in Vancouver.

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What we did in Sandra’s Big Day:

speech writing

pitch deck / leave-behind

brand refresh