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Just Results


Your Big Week

World-changing idea:

Guaranteed results-based contracts direct to countries, to improve investment climate.

WORLD-CHANGING IDEA:    Every country, region, and city has the right to invest directly in their own economic growth.    CREATED IN 1 WEEK:

Just Resultsᴺᴮ (NB for “no bullshit”) is a for-profit company whose target clients are presidents and prime ministers of countries. Lara Goldmark and her global team of collaborators know how to get real work done on the ground when it comes to improving a nation’s investment climate—crucial for bringing business into a country and improving its economy. By bringing efficiency to the nuts and bolts from procedures to policy in a nation, they can actually guarantee results— so, they’re disrupting the category by offering results-based contracts.

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What we did in Just Results’ Big Week:

Brand strategy + positioning


Services (development / naming / copy)

Logo + brand identity design

Brand copy

Squarespace website

Presentation development + design

Microsoft templates


Founder + team headshots

Founder video



FHI 360


Your Big Week

World-changing idea:

Challenging the Global Development model with a lean startup approach

WORLD-CHANGING IDEA:    Every country, region, and city has the right to invest directly in their own economic growth.    CREATED IN 1 WEEK:

We took FHI360’s world changing idea from a sheet of butcher paper on office wall to a branded jobs incubator. We named it hub360 and built an experimental, interactive site for the VP of the initiative to use in her pitch for additional funding and to share with all staff for internal buy-in.


Strategic development:

Branded a new initiative: Concept and creation of Hub360, a jobs incubator within FHI360 focused on women + youth

Process + partnership strategy:

  • Created a new process for project selection + execution

  • Created a new approach for partnerships and collaborations with startups and influencers

Partnership / Project concepting: Ideated on partnerships / projects — see example below


Concept Example



We’ll pilot the idea on The Holy Family Trail in Egypt, connecting local communities with income opportunities through lodging and tourism.

Strategic Partners

Ideal tourism disruptor partners:


Trip Advisor


A nimble, hyper-local digital experience for pilgrimage trails— repeatable and scalable for every sacred journey around the world.

Thought Leadership

Netflix series:

Angelina Jolie hikes the world’s sacred trails with her kids.


What we did in FHI 360’s Big Week:

Brand strategy

Naming / tagline for initiative

Partnership + event concepts: (development / naming / copy)

Squarespace website for presentation


Graphic design

Custom illustration