the essential idea

Childhood trauma is reparable.


A modern brand to to get an established non-profit doing crucial work ready to fundraise and scale.


Your Big Week

What we did:

  • Brand strategy + positioning

  • Naming + tagline

  • Strategically productized services

  • Brand identity design (logos, graphic style, custom illustration)

  • Copywriting: high level messaging, home page narrative

  • Squarespace website

  • Documentary photography of programs

  • Brand video

  • Business Cards


World-changing idea

Abuse changes the developing brain. Simple practices can change it again.

We got Reach Within fundraising-ready with a modern look and feel, unique photography, and messaging that brings legitimacy to the long-established organization. Their science-based proven methodology needed a bold, straightforward brand to fundraise and scale.

Reach Within_Hallie Easley Photography-2-60.jpg
Reach Within_Hallie Easley Photography-2-5.jpg
Reach Within_Hallie Easley Photography-1139.jpg
Reach Within_Hallie Easley Photography-1342.jpg
Reach Within_Hallie Easley Photography-9926-2.jpg
Reach Within_Hallie Easley Photography-0416-2.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 5.19.26 PM.png
Reach Within_Hallie Easley Photography-0394-2.jpg
Reach Within_Hallie Easley Photography-0005-2.jpg

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