We say it all the time. “A sticky brand.”

What does it mean?

A brand may have a few compelling components. But one is always the most important – and that is different for every sticky brand.

Before I even clicked on the Forbes headline in 2015: “Can These Panties Disrupt The $15 Billion Feminine Hygiene Market?” I knew I was on to something sticky.

Period Underwear!!! [Insert sound of velcro ball hitting velcro mit]

Quickly I learned the company name, read their clever tagline, and experienced their edgy brand voice. I learned about their greater mission to reduce period stigma globally. All fine and perfectly in line. I made a purchase.

Other brands may rely on the big idea they stand behind. Or their niche target market. It may even be their edgy brand voice.

But for THINX, it’s their unique offering that sticks instantly.

evan sargent