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Case Studies 

Note: Some of our case studies are confidential.
Please inquire if you wish to share outside your organization.


Pop-up shop to change-making force in retail

FixUp Repair

Our client wanted a repair shop in every Walmart, so she built a pop-up repair company and proved the concept. When she came to us, she was in the weeds of managing her small business. We advised Sandra to focus on her big vision–to bring the FixUp repair model into the core business of a large US retailer.

FixUp’s “Big Day” was focused on repositioning the business to reach this goal in preparation for the Sustainable Brands conference in Vancouver. As a result our work together, FixUp is now working with one of the biggest US retailers on launching popup shops in their stores in 2019.

What we did in FixUp’s Big Day: pitch writing, pitch deck / leave-behind, design, visioning


From passion project to next-level nonprofit

We got Reach Within fundraising-ready with a modern look and feel, unique photography, and messaging that brings legitimacy to the organization. Their science-based proven methodology needed a bold, straightforward brand to fundraise and scale.

What we did in Reach Within’s Big Day: strategy, copywriting, photography, brand + website design


Personal brand as a container for exposure

Maureen white

After 13 years as an Emmy-winning producer on a top morning TV show, Maureen is placing herself on the other side of the camera to document and share her journey back to herself as she faces her Psoriatic Arthritis. We created a brave brand with Maureen as she embarks on this creative and highly personal project which will include Instagram storytelling, a podcast, and more–in partnership with well known doctors and healers. Building a strong creative personal brand gives her the container she needs to be completely vulnerable in the public eye.

What we did in mO’s big day: strategy, naming, copywriting, photography, brand design, website design


Differentiation by defining a new target market

Carmen was looking to stand out in the saturated coaching market where executive coaching meets health and wellness. Instead of trying to create unique messaging to describe the same old service, we defined a new target. Carmen is now the only coach who partners with “Human Investment Hubs” – entities that invest in human “technology.” Defining this target is not necessarily overt in her brand – rather, this strategy naturally led us into into a new space where authentic messaging and visuals that differentiate Carmen’s practice were born.

What we did in Carmen’s Big Day: strategy, copywriting, photography, brand + website design


Preparing to build a funnel

Alex needed a strong brand platform to expand his consulting business and build authority. With a unique branded big idea, Conflict Yes, Alex is now ready to build thought leadership and scale quickly, with confidence.

What we did in Alex’s Big Day: strategy, naming, copywriting, photography (portrait and conceptual), brand + website design

Screenshot 2018-09-19 17.09.46.png

Valuable content makes the difference for affiliate marketing

Astro-Oils by Kristina

Kristina Semos was ready to take her passion for Astrology and Essential Oils to the next level. We got her set up to build community on Instagram with high value free content, and sell Essential Oils to her followers through her site. We created the user journey from Instagram to sale with a strategic call-to-action: "Become an AstroOils Insider". By asking users to to join a VIP circle, and offering more freebies, we made the sales process enticing all the way through along with a luscious brand identity and flexible graphics.  

What we did in Kristina’s Big Week: strategy, naming consulting for business and offerings, copywriting, photography (portrait + product), brand design, website design, social media assets


Untangling for Lawyers with Lives

untangle coaching - lauren hakala

Lauren Hakala helps you separate your SELF from all the rest of it: your success, career, work, parenthood, activism, all of it. When we break this down, we can truly find freedom and reach new heights in every area of life.

What we did in Lauren’s Big Day: strategy, naming for business and products, copywriting, photography, brand design, website


A gentle masculine brand for today’s executive


We built The Dieckert Group brand for this top executive coaching firm, focusing first on carefully crafted language. The brand speaks to the sensitive side of our target market—executives—within a more masculine and boutique-corporate look.