Your Big Day: Strategy


We solve your brand strategy in a one day intensive, in-person with your team.

In your Strategy Day, you get a team of two strategists from the front lines of social change and the big NYC advertising creative room, focused on you and your business from every angle. We facilitate the day and create a container for creative and strategic breakthroughs. Here’s how it works:


  • Competitive analysis

  • Audience identification + segmentation

    • Hone in on target, secondary, tertiary audiences. 

    • Explore audience outreach across channels. 

  • Brand personality - develop the essence of the brand for communications

    • Explore messaging tone

    • Integrate with existing visuals 

    Services / Offerings Strategy

    • Develop lead product 

    • Organize + develop a hierarchy of services and productize services

    • Develop /codify unique methodology

    • Develop repeatable processes for sales, client work, etc.

  • Hone in on and message your Big Idea

  • Support with business development - networking plan, biz dev best practices

  • Support with social media - recommendations and setup of selected handles / platforms


  • Creative Direction

    • Mood Board and Brand Identity Consulting if needed

  • Copywriting

    • Naming, tagline when relevant

    • Messaging Exploratory: brief descriptions, messaging bank for future content creation

    • Naming system (sub-branding) for productized services / offerings

  • Photography

    • Headshots/portraits for leadership - 3-5 people

  • Creative ideation

    • Pie in the sky brainstorm on big attention-getting ideas: PR, experiential, traditional and digital marketing, etc. 


Strategic Directive Document
We organize and write up all the work from your strategy day in a simple and beautiful branded strategy guide. This can be shared with anyone touching your brand, including all staff, to get a deep understanding of your brand and ensure brand continuity. 

In addition to the outline of the Strategy Day items, we include:

  • Copy guide for writers visual guide when relevant

  • Client-facing services write ups for proposals

  • Photography edited and in a dropbox

In 1 day you get

+ a facilitated day with your team to solve your brand strategy
+ A comprehensive brand strategy
+ naming / tagline / messaging exploratory
+ visual look + feel exploratory