Welcome to Your Big Weekend!

Soon we’ll be building your brand… on this page you can schedule your strategy call, fill in some info we need from you, and learn about logistics for the weekend.

Before the weekend:

Strategy Call

The first step is to schedule your strategy call. This will help us start brewing on your strategy in advance of the weekend and talk through any questions you have. Choose a slot below or enter some times that work to schedule your call.

Name *
Please check 1-2 times that work for your call, if any.

Tech + Social Media Accounts

To maximize our time together please fill in the below as best you can. All question marks are welcome, such as “should I use Twitter?” and “do I need a separate email address?” … these are all strategic decisions that are different for everyone and we will touch on these questions during your day.

We won’t go deep into social media during our time together, but we’re setting up your brand so you can market effectively and we are obsessed with removing any obstacles, like technology, as best we can. This info will help us prepare and know what to expect in terms of getting your tech set up.

After you fill in this form, please use the service 1ty.me to send your login info for all of the below to evan@timetocommit.co. This service is secure and deletes the sensitive info after we have read it once (we will hold your info securely and delete after our work together.)


The Weekend


Abhaya Yoga Gowanus - TO BE CONFIRMED

3D 9th St
Brooklyn, NY 11215
*located steps from the Smith-9th Street stop (F/G trains) and 9th Street R train at the conjunction of neighborhoods, Carroll Gardens, Red Hook, South Park Slope.


Take a tour here. We will be working in The Lounge — the big room right when you walk in. It has great couches for hanging out and a big table and island for work sessions. Bathrooms are in back of the space- down the hall on the right.


Saturday, June 15

Sunday, June 16

Contact Info

Evan: 7187958586

Hallie: 210-275-0162

ABHAYA CONTACT, Joanna: 917-710-6313

What to Bring

  • Laptop

  • Laptop charger

  • Notepad

  • Pen

  • Layers! The spaces can get cold. Warm clothes- socks, scarf, etc

  • Objects (if relevant) for your photo shoot

  • Outfit for photos

What to Wear

Most of the time- just comfortable clothes! See info for photo shoot below.

Photo Shoot

We will be taking your headshot and also taking some photos to use throughout your website and in social media. Remember, you are your brand! So dress in a way that represents your brand and speaks to your audience. We will do the shoots on Saturday afternoon so please plan accordingly. There are bathrooms with mirrors at Abhaya but no showers. Some of you may want to bring objects that represent your brand to be photographed. For example, if you are a meditation teacher, this could be a meditation bowl.

Lunch, Downtime, Yoga etc.

Your Big Weekend is about executing your brands together in person. We’ll be busy working together in small workshop settings and one-on-one sessions throughout the weekend. You are also welcome to take breaks, take lunch, take a yoga class. You may have some down time, especially on Sunday afternoon while the Commit team is working away on your site. We’ll have assignments for you like working on your bio and offerings copy, and we also welcome you to relax and take advantage of any down time. See the Abhaya schedule here: https://abhayayoga.com/classes/schedule/

IN THE AREA: the Gowanus/Carroll Gardens area

Gowanus is an awesome neighborhood. There are lots of fun restaurants, coffee shops, bars, etc. on the nearby Smith and Court streets. Just walk out the door of the studio and take a right. You’ll hit Smith and then Court. There are 2 bodegas on the corner of Smith and 9th street. Here you can get water and snacks.


Bring your lunch or go to a nearby lunch spot. There are many spots on Court and Smith. Here are some suggestions.


Please use wifi 'abhayaguest'

Password: 'fearlesslovemore'