Your Big Day


Here's how it works:

1. Brand strategy
First, we dig deep with you and co-create a three-dimensional and potent brand. This includes helping you price and package your offerings, and differentiate your business in the marketplace. 

2. Website
We build your website as a strategic marketing tool, driving users to a specific action. 

3. Brand Identity
We develop the look and feel for your business: logo wordmark, colors, typography and mood board. We also write main messaging and define copy tone.

4. Photography
We capture professional, emotionally evocative images of you and your offerings for your website and social media.

Who is this for?
Your Big Day is for transformation entrepreneurs who can not wait another minute. We trust, and we create. You have a brand new brand by sundown—we upload everything for you within 48 hours. It's also a great way to begin working with us, before moving on to Your Big Week. Every project begins with Your Big Day – cost is applicable towards Your Big Week.


Your Big Week


Here's how it works:

1. Your Big Day
Your Big Week begins with Your Big Day – we build the fundamentals of your brand on day one.

2. Custom Brand Identity + Integration
We develop a custom logo, supporting graphics, and unique iconography or illustration for your brand. We'll also brand and design all your social platforms, emails, invoices, documents–every touchpoint your customers interact with.

3. Content Strategy
We'll co-create a content strategy for you that creates brand affinity and builds community, leading your constituents to take action. We'll build your content library for a year.

4. Photography & Video
We'll create enough content to give your brand a three-dimensional voice for a full year. 

Who is this for?
Your Big Week is for people and organizations who are ready to commit to their vision and have a big fish to fry. It takes place over the course of five days (can be consecutive or spread across two weeks) plus ongoing work and weekly check-ins for four additional weeks.


Strategic Deep Dive

Every engagement starts here—we meet for a strategic deep dive into your business, leaving you with major insights you can use right away. In one week you receive a comprehensive Strategic Directive document that maps out the four pillars of your brand positioning, your website and offerings, and a visual mood board. This is the first step for Your Big Day or Your Big Week, and also stands on its own as a guideline for DIY or hiring a design / copy team.


Cost applied to Your Big Day or Your Big Week

We have this down to an art.

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