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Hallie Easley, Co-Founder

Hallie creates order and forward motion for innovators.

A decade of strategy and visual storytelling work for the Ford Foundation, the Whole Foods Market foundation, and the Synergos Institute gives Hallie extensive international experience leading projects in Central America, all regions of Africa, the Middle East and North America. She also worked on NBC's Late Night With Jimmy Fallon!

Hallie founded COMMIT in 2018, seeing a need for a different kind of creative offering for entrepreneurs and organizations. She brings imagination, big ideas and a global perspective and offers a way of working that’s truly unique in the industry, boldly launching businesses and initiatives into the world.


Evan Sargent, Co-Founder

Evan is an intuitive creative director, strategist, and designer with a knack for seeing the big picture and a love for co-creating in the moment. What language should your business speak? Evan develops your unique positioning and design from scratch and helps change agents get what they need to get into action immediately.


Maya Eilam, Design Lead

Maya is a graphic and web designer who specializes in branding originators: people who are the origin point for creating something new. She uses animation, infographics, and deep inspiration to make your business stand out for what it really is. When you see your new branding, get ready to see yourself in an upleveled light.